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You have an idea for a print - GREAT now lets turn it into something we can reproduce.

JUST E-MAIL YOUR IDEA! If Possible, send us web links, fonts , colors, sketches and as much written direction as you think we might need.  Be as descriptive as possible.

Typically the graphic process begins with your initial ideas and direction. Next we work up some artwork and send you what we think you are looking for. It's possible we don't get it perfect on the first shot so you will have to participate and provide feedback or additional direction. 

Once the artwork is done and that wasn't all you needed - we can move on to the plan.

Possible Art Plans:
Clothing: After you pick your clothing and colors from our catalog, we combine your new graphics and our clothing images to develop a simulated printing plan that you can agree to and sign-off on.
Vinyl Decals: After you decide on a color and final scale - we can simulate the application of your image to your subject (ie; vehicle, wall, window) so you can see what it might look like 
Provide us with correct dimensions and we can do that to scale (simulated).

The graphic process is not included in the price of your screen printing, it is billed separate. Our graphics development rate is $70 per hour.  To avoid any art charges, please provide graphics that meet our industry standard requirements.


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